Rachel Joy
Roller Derby Burqua paste-up
A1 and smaller
This Roller Derby Burqua paste-up is part of a series of linocut prints called FundaMattel: If Barbie Wore A Burqua which explores fundamentalism (in its many guises), materialism and constructions of femininity. Mattel is the home of Barbie, an extremist representation of women. If Barbie was a real woman she would fall over because her proportions would make it impossible for her to stand. Barbie, in all her incarnations, is impossible and the burqua makes it equally impossible for women to choose a physically active lifestyle. FundaMattel tries to draw attention to a continuum of fundamentalism where barbie and the burqua both represent extreme constructions of what it means to be female. The project aims to ask questions about these constructed female identities and uses humour as a way of exposing the farce. I hope people will consider where the true power lies in these constructions of femininity.
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