Rachel Joy
Untitled: Public Sculpture
Lasercut steel
2mm x 1200mm x 2000mm x 6 wall mounted panels
This public sculpture was commissioned by Courthouse Arts Centre in Geelong. My brief was to create a dynamic sculpture that was relevant to the young people who use the centre. Working with the existing building was also important to the sucess of the project. The work was created specifically for the courtyard space adjoining both the art gallery and (on the opposite side) the rear lane way. It makes use of the towering walls, leading your eye up past what were once barred holding cells, skyward to open space and freedom. At ground level the work is a transition space linking the gallery (a traditional "white cube" art space) to the laneway (the home of street art, the art of rebellion). In order to make the project relevant to the young men and women who now use the space I had a series of discussions with them during street art workshops conducted over the month of my residency in the building. The panels are reminiscent of the stencils used in street art where the image is created by cutting it from the base material; the image is therefore "read" in the negative space remaining. The aesthetic choices are mine but the images are strongly informed by the hopes, dreams and daily life experiences of the people the work was made for.
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