Rachel Joy
Wood engraving and digital print on somerset cotton rag paper
10cm x 15cm
This suite of works is about the Australian colonial project as executed by our pioneering forebears. Settlers brought with them from Europe, a variety of animals for food, sport, farm work and the like. Many of these animals escaped captivity and became “feral” animals with often devastating consequences for the indigenous plants, animals and people. However, it is feral humans that have had by far the most destructive effect on indigenous Australia. Using famous images of pioneering Australia as a reference point these prints employ both computer age and old-school printmaking techniques to point to the truth of white engagement with the land around us. Bullocky references the McCubbin painting Down on his Luck and Judith Wright's poem Bullocky. Bullocks were indispensable for carting the hardware of the european pioneering project into the heart of the country.
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